Prefabricated LPG Terminal Control Systems

At Northridge Electric, we design and manufacture prefabricated LPG terminal control systems for the propane industry in Ontario and a large part of North America. Our team of professionals which consists of programmers, system developers and designers are fully qualified and capable to provide your company with elaborate, sophisticated or simple, systems which will bring increased safety, efficiency, and most importantly, profitability to your organization.

Our prefabricated propane control systems are best in class. This pre-built concept enables our customers to maintain the unlimited advantages of our superior systems regardless of what area of Ontario or North America they wish to build a facility in to increase their market share and operational capabilities. On the other hand, if you have an electrician you have a great working relationship with but they don’t have the capabilities to provide you with a propane control system for your new terminal – we have the best solution for you.

At Northridge, we take lead times and project timelines seriously, to the point where we continually maintain a very large inventory of hazardous locations parts which generally have extensive lead times.  This enables us to obtain competitive prices, deliver quick, responsive service to our customers when replacement parts are required, and conduct short notice projects and installations.

Our systems are entirely custom designed and engineered on a platform which is fully capable of including each and every propane application we may be presented with regardless of how simple or complex the system needs to be. When a pre-built option is chosen by our customer, Northridge takes great care to determine and distinguish exactly how they want their operation to run. It is of utmost importance to us that our customers have full assurance that we will provide their installers of choice with full support, advice and commissioning services from the commencement to the completion of their project and that the end result will be nothing short of perfection.

Propane Rail Car Terminals and Midstream Marketers
  • Remote off-site monitoring of all plant functions via iPhone, iPad or laptop
  • Rail car offloading platforms and controls
  • Vapour compressors and controls
  • Transfer pumps and certified metering systems
  • Vapour compressors and controls
  • Fuel management software and integration
  • Automatic nitrogen actuated valves, pressure sensors and monitors
  • Site access control with CCTV with remote monitoring
  • Propane gas detection
  • Safety shut down and alarm notification systems
  • Wireless operator controls
  • Query operation systems
  • Lighting control
  • All electrically activated pieces of equipment in the terminal including, pumps, access, safety systems, metering, etc. is fully interlocked
Bulk Propane Storage Plants
  • Central PLC controller and panel
  • Integrated pump starters and explosionproof isolation switches
  • Explosionproof control stations
  • Zoned nitrogen/compressed air control valves
  • Pressure monitoring of nitrogen or compressed air loops
  • Full integration of control valves, pumps and emergency shut down systems completely interlocked
  • Shut down or low pressure notification alarms
  • Explosionproof lighting
  • Access control
Propane Cylinder Filling Docks
  • Intrinsically safe barrier relays to operate scale beam sensors
  • Solenoid valves to shutoff flow to propane cylinder automatically when full (this enables one operator to fill and monitor several cylinders simultaneously)
  • Explosion proof dock lighting
  • Emergency shutdown systems
  • Dock pump control integration
Custom made to your application

Our systems have been installed from Moncton, New Brunswick to Duluth, Minnesota to Putnam, Ontario. Our systems are entirely custom designed and engineered on a platform which is fully capable of including each and every propane application you may present us with regardless of how simple or complex the system needs to be. When a pre-built option is chosen by our customer, Northridge takes great passion and care to determine exactly how they want their operation to run. It is of utmost importance to us that our customers have full assurance that we will provide their installers of choice with full support, advice and commissioning services from the commencement to the completion of their project and that the end result will be nothing short of perfection

Whether you require a new propane bulk plant, rail car LPG terminal, propane cylinder filling dock or something as simple as a retail propane installation, Northridge Electric is able to provide you with the options you need. Some examples of facilities that would benefit from these prebuilt systems are propane rail car terminals and midstream marketers, bulk propane storage plants and propane cylinder filling docks.


We gladly offer our installation services to all our customers all the time. However, one of the huge benefits of our prefabricated systems is you can have virtually any electrician or fitter install it who may be located much closer to your new facility than us. This helps to greatly lower your labour costs while at the same time acquiring a propane system that is the finest on the market. Our mission is to design our systems to include all the sophisticated features you require while simultaneously simplifying the installation procedures to be very understandable, easy, and fast. Along with our helpful, detailed electrical schematics and drawings which are provided with our systems, we deliver unmatched installation support and onsite service and commissioning to our customers’ installers from the beginning of the projects to the final proper operation of our system.

Once your system has been meticulously designed and manufactured, it is carefully packaged and shipped with care to your facility. We provide shipping across the continent as well as brokerage and shipping services for our customers’ cross-border shipments.

Advice you can trust

Our dedicated team is committed to providing our customers and their installers with tech support, knowledge, and expertise from the design phase to the operational stage of the process.

Our services and support don’t end at the operational stage. In the years to come, our team will remain available to provide any necessary ongoing support for parts, repairs and troubleshooting should it be required in the future. Our commitment is to help you maintain an efficient, profitable operation.

Why Choose

Northridge Electric

If you are looking for a designer and manufacturer of prefabricated LPG terminals, look no further than Northridge Electric. We offer the highest quality in everything from service to field support and from individual replacement parts to turnkey system solutions. Working with the team at Northridge will guarantee you that your terminal will include all your necessities and requirements and that you will receive a control system that fits your specific application and is best for the type of operation you are achieving. Contact us today to learn more.

What Clients Say

About Northridge Electric
  • We are happy.  Turnaround time was great and everything was done efficiently and professionally.  We really did like the cable holders.  Keeps things very clean under the tank.  Many thanks to you and your team.

    Budget Propane Corporation
  • The propane control system Northridge provided for our facility has been excellent. We had some operational issues when we first started the system but Northridge dealt with them in a very timely fashion and we are pleased to say the system has increased our efficiency and product output capabilities! I would gladly recommend Northridge to anyone for their outstanding products and services.

    RS Bulk Propane Inc
  • In 2014/15 Wilson Fuel built a propane storage bulk plant in Moncton, New Brunswick and hired Northridge Electric to install all the control systems for the facility. It was our experience with Ken and his knowledgeable, conscientious team that they are top notch in their field. They delivered, on time, all of the specified work.
    I would not hesitate to recommend Northridge Electric Inc. to any company to do their electrical control systems.

    Wilson Fuel Co. Ltd
  • I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Northridge Electric Inc. for their control systems knowledge, design capability, and installation services. Bramwood Forest Inc is a supplier of high quality wholesale lumber products. We are dependent on the efficient operation of our equipment to be able to provide our customers with quality, competitive pricing and reliability. We were having numerous issues over the past few years with our original dust collection unloading system jamming up and stopping production for hours at a time. We approached Northridge for a solution. They were able to fully understand our process and designed, manufactured and retrofitted new control panels which integrated into the existing field wiring of the material handling system. The installation was performed in a professional, punctual manor and we are pleased to say we have had no production shutdowns due to dust collector/unloading system blockages since!

    Bramwood Forest Inc.
  • It is my pleasure to recommend Northridge Electric Inc for their exceptional design solutions, control systems, installation and services which they provided for our new mid-stream propane terminals in Putnam, Ontario as well as a prefabricated system which they designed, built and shipped to our plant in Proctor, Minnesota.  These terminals receive in-bound propane shipments by rail, which is stored and transferred to bulk tank trucks.  Various aspects of the terminals are entirely interlocked including the rail rack, pump and valve controls, safety shut down systems, gas detection, CCTV, gas metering and authorized plant access, all of which are fully automated, networked and can be monitored offsite.   At every step of the process, Northridge provided expert advice, prompt execution, and steady commitment.  These terminal control systems are best in class and have contributed to the increased efficiency and profitability of our company.

    NGL Supply Co. Ltd
  • Throughout the years of working with my current employer, I have used several different electrical contractors across the province of Ontario. None were a match to the service and expertise that Northridge Electric has been able to offer, and continues to offer on a daily basis. They are my first “go to“ for any request – large or small – and are available to travel to any location we require. They always strive to meet my needs for scheduling/timing which is a huge plus to help provide the service we want for our customers. All their staff are superb and will help out on any level, whether it’s advice over the phone, or helping one of our technicians on site.

    Superior Propane
  • Ken Wragge and his team were instrumental in helping us with our electrical layout, lighting and machinery onboarding during our plant move. They have obvious skills and experience that revolve around woodworking plants that has proven to be an invaluable resource when we require troubleshooting of machinery breakdowns ranging from shapers to wide belt sanding machines.

    Millway Door Design Inc.
  • Production Engineering specializes in the design of industrial dust and fume control systems. Installations typically involve filter houses, fans and fire/explosion protection accessories. I have worked on installations for at least the past 15 years where Northridge has field wired the electrical components. Their knowledge and expertise relating to this equipment is unsurpassed.

    Production Engineering
  • We were introduced to Northridge Electric several years ago when we were looking for an electrical contractor, experienced with propane transfer systems. While we were only looking for a contractor to help us in the GTA, we soon found out that their expertise was available throughout the province and not only encompassed simple motor / meter connections but also electronic gas detection, nitrogen actuated e stop systems, zone controls, step up transformers and continuous support to our industrial technicians.

    Their ability to understand our needs from simple sketches has helped us develop effective ways to provide user friendly load and unload activities at our transfer facilities while meeting all current regulations. No matter what question is asked, Ken and his team go out of their way to find the answer. Northridge Electric and its employees understand what customer service means and deliver each and every time.

    Superior Propane
  • We have been very impressed with the quality of work provided by Ken at Northridge Electric. Ken has a consultative approach to understanding our specialty needs and translating them into an electrical plan. He is always prompt, professional and meticulous in his work. We were very happy with Northridge Electric and will continue to utilize their services for all our future electrical needs!

    Camcarb Compressed Gases & Supplies
  • As a cooling tower contractor with 24 hour emergency service we are using Northridge Electric for all our electrical and controls needs. Their response is always prompt and the work quality is excellent. Northridge Electric Inc., under the leadership, technical expertise, experience and work ethics of Master Electrician, Ken Wragge, always find the most efficient way to troubleshoot, correct deficiencies as well as new designs and installations. I am happy with the company professionalism, service and support they provide.

    Evercool Tower Maintenance Ltd.
  • We wanted to thank Ken Wragge and his team for the great work they performed on our propane plant expansion. Northridge Electric met our timelines and completed the work in a professional and efficient manner. Electrical Safety Authority had no concerns with the work performed. The work was neat and the worksite was clean throughout the process. Ken was very easy to work with from the initial site visit to completion of the project. Our thanks to Northridge Electric for a job well done.

    Budget Propane Corporation
  • Part of our company structure at ELS provides Life Safety Equipment service and installations. Northridge Electric Inc. has been one of our most long term and valuable electrical contractors for over 12 years. We have found them to be extremely capable, dependable, and most importantly, trustworthy. The quality of their workmanship and professional ethics allow for ELS to continue to utilize their services with the utmost confidence. They represent our company when on our job sites, and we never have to consider that our standards are being upheld.

    ELS Ltd.


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