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"...transforming inspirations into operational realities..."
Prefabricated LPG Terminal Control Systems

Have you achieved the ultimate way you want your terminal to operate?

Northridge Electric not only installs LPG terminal control systems in Ontario - we design and build elaborate, sophisticated, prefabricated, easy-to-install custom control systems for the North American LPG industry.  We pride ourselves in providing our clients with systems which include detailed drawings and schematics and are designed on a simple yet detailed platform.  This enables our customers to obtain a system which encompasses every precise detail and function they desire to operate their facilities efficiently and safely.  We provide detailed drawings, schematics, installation support and onsite service and commissioning allowing our systems to be installed by almost anyone!  

Our service goes beyond the sale to shipment stage of our product.  We provide our customers with advice, tech support, expertise, knowledge and experience from the design phase to the fully operation phase of their facility.

Contact us to inquire about what we can do for you to advance your operation to the highest level!