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Explosionproof Parts Sales

We maintain a large competitive inventory of control components and hardware for Class 1 Division 1 enabling us to greatly reduce our customers’ lead times, downtimes and inconveniences.  The Class 1 Division 1 parts we stock for immediate pickup or delivery include:

      - Pressure switches
      - Motor isolation switches with integral breakers
      - Momentary/maintained e-stop control stations
      - Start/stop control stations
      - Small junction boxes
      - Large junction boxes
      - Drilling and tapping service
      - Stanchion mount lighting
      - Surface mount lighting
      - Teck connectors and epoxy
      - Toggle switches
      - Motors
      - Proximity switches
      - Intrinsically safe barrier relays
      - Solenoid valves and coils
      - EYS fittings, bushings, plugs, etc.